Okay so I have a lot to say about this video, because I actually enjoyed many aspects of it! This is amazing since I really don’t take interest in music videos these days. Most of them are low budget, unlike the 90’s (yes my 90’s rant) when they actually used to make big buget music videos that made you look forward to the premiere date on Total Request Live or 106 & Park! Times have changed folks! Now you see a music video with the artist chilling in the same un-lively scene for the entire duration!

Anyway back to the video! I love this song, because aren’t most of us trying to make it “from the bottom to the top” in various aspects of our lifes?! So of course, we can relate to some degree. When my sister first heard this song she laughed hard at the verse where Drizzy rapped, “living at my momma’s house we used to argue every month.” Most of us can relate to that too, because my mom is a trip! Good stuff!  Also, Drizzy’s mother, who he looks like a carbon copy of, makes a cameo in the video when that verse comes up! Overall the video has a lot of energy and is very fun.

Little X, the infamous hip hop video director,  from the 90’S who has since changed his name to Director X, directed this video for Drake. Drizzy normally doesn’t spend money on music videos, which isn’t necessary these days, but decided to splurge for this one. He also decided to go to his home-town of Toronto to shoot the entire video.drake-girl

My favorite scenes include the shots where Drizzy and his friends, OB O’Brien and Ryan Silverstein, are working at the drug store. In this scene his friends are hilarious when they try to holla at a pretty girl shopping in the store and when OB tries to sing the chorus to Drake’s song at work. I also like the scene where Drizzy is rapping in the snow, with a white Bentley and white outfit. That was a very creative shot and it came together well. Finally, I was a little surprised that there was a scene of Drizzy walking on a 200 ft billboard that read “started from the bottom!” His balls are waaaaayyyy bigger than mine, because there’s no way I could ever do that! I don’t like heights, and from the looks of things, one wrong move could have resulted in him plummeting to his death! I initially thought it was a stunt man, but X confirmed it was indeed Drizzy! Finally in the end of the video, where Drizzy is partying with his homies and doing it big, he is actually vacationing in the Dominican Republic. X and a film crew flew down there randomly just to get some shots of them chilling. Anyway, enough of my rants….CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!


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