rick ross 2Today happens to be officer Ricky Ross’s birthday, and it doesn’t seem to be turning out to be a great 37 born day because he barely made it to 37.

Rick Ross celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend or jumpoff last night, and followed it up by eating at the Floridian diner at 5 am in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As the two pulled out of the diner, in his Rolls Royce, an unidentified inidividual(s) drove by and fired 24 rounds towards Ross’s vehicle. Ross immediately tried to avoid the storm of bullets by eratically fleeing the scene, which resulted in him crashing his Rolls Royce into an apartment building around 15th Ave. and Las Olas Blvd. Luckily no one was injured, but a few businesses in that area have been damaged. Police have no suspects yet. According to Local 10 News:

Rapper Rick Ross was reportedly inside a Rolls Royce that was the target of multiple gunshots Monday morning, according to witnesses.

Around 5 a.m. Monday, Fort Lauderdale police received multiple calls from residents who heard shots fired near Las Olas Blvd. and 15th Ave.

Police say two people were in a Rolls Royce heading east on Las Olas when a vehicle approached them and someone inside fired off multiple shots.

The driver of the Rolls Royce attempted to get away and slammed the car into a residential apartment building on 15th Avenue.

No one was injured.

Police are still looking for the people responsible for the shooting, and have not yet released any information about them or the car they were driving.

50 Cent, who’s had an issue with Ross for numerous years now, gave his ignorant two cents by claiming that officer Ricky Ross set this up….I guess to look more credible in the rap industry. I’ve also read comments saying that the shooters may be apart of the Gangster Disciples, who apparently want Rick Ross dead, most likely because they feel he is a fraud and use to be a correctional officer, and is misuing the real Rick Ross’s name and the Gangster Disciples’ logo (the star of David). Regardless, I reccomend the officer stay out of the hood for now, and wear a bullet proof helmet with a bullet proof face shield, and a bullet proof vest as well as bullet proof pants…… or he may not see much of his new found 37. But then again this would probably cause him to lose more  credibility in the hip hop game, because if 50 cent can take 9 or more bullets, Rick Ross should be able to do so as well! The rap game is so silly!

rick ross

This chick Shateria is alleged to be his girlfriend and the one that may have been in the vehicle.

rick ross girlfriend


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