CRAZY-AZZ NEWS: Man Sexually Abuses A Horse!

U mite say, “atleast it wasn’t a child or a woman!” But, I don’t think PETA is too happy about a man being charged for sexually abusing a horse! Apparently, a neighbor called in last week claiming that the man was touching a “horse in a sexual manner and the horse appeared to be in pain.” The police arrived on scene and caught Marian Wegiel. 63, IN ACTION! But guess what? There’s more to the story. According to NBC Conneticut:

A Shelton man was accused last week of sexually assaulting a horse and the horse’s owners said the alleged attack might not have been the first time something like this had happened at the farm.

In 2005, one of the Flannery family’s horses suffered a “mysterious vaginal injury and infection,” they told the New Haven Register.

Marian Weigel, 63, who lives on the same street as the farm, was arrested last week and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, cruelty to animals, third-degree criminal trespass and second-degree breach of peace.

He told cops that he was trying to comfort a female horse in a corral, heard a loud noise and he might have inadvertently put his fingers inside one of the horses, Shelton police said.

“We just had weird, unexplained things where we knew someone was breaking into the yard but we didn’t know who or why,” Alison Flannery, 29, told the New Haven Register.

Wegiel, who was taken in Monday on charges of animal cruelty, sexual assault, criminal trespassing and breach of peacewas released after posting a $500.00 bond and is due in Derby Court on Nov. 1.

Police told the Register that it was not reported that this was an ongoing problem.
Dayum, if he wanted it that bad maybe he shoulda went to the corner and paid for it! Not that I’m condoning that! That horse most have literally been a “Stallion!”

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