Kanye West’s 2009 Outburst At The VMAs Helped Taylor Swift’s Album Sales!

Last year, Taylor Swift was crying enough tears to fill up a tub and people were sending Kanye death threats for embarrassing, then 19-year-old, country singer, Taylor Swift, at the VMA’s! But, maybe this year she should be thanking Kanye? Because apparently he boosted her album sales like crazy, by exposing her to knew audiences that never knew she ever existed or just never cared to embrace her music. Since both artists are soon to drop their newest albums, Swift’s record label decided, to get itself more publicity for the country star by finally opening up about last year’s incident. Her label’s president, Scott Borchetta said the scandal brought a great deal of publicity to her music, which resulted in it becoming 2009’s best selling album. Borchetta stated, “The Kanye incident brought attention to Taylor, to an audience that did not really know her or her music. And when they did check it out, they discovered that they really liked it.”

Further proof that Kanye’s outburst helped her sales are reflected by the fact that her self-titled album only sold 4,821,000 units in 2006, but her 2008 release of Fearless sold 6,027,000 following Kanye’s craziness at the award show. His song, entitled Incident, which talks about what happened last year with Swift and which he performed at this year’s VMAs that she attended, is definitely going to also help boost sales when she finally drops her new album.

When asked how the incident affected Swift, Borchetta by saying, “Well, [the incident] affected her to the point that she wrote a song about it. So obviously it was a big moment in her life. Did it change her? Does he have more fear of things like that happening at awards shows? No. She’s a tough person and she’s very open.”

So for the people still mad at Kanye, maybe yall should consider forgiving him now?!

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