Floyd Mayweather Is A Baby Mama Beater!

Apparently, Mayweather not only likes to box guys in the ring, but he also enjoys using women, or atleast his ex, as punching bags to brush up on his skills during his spare time! I was a little suprised when I was watching the news last week and heard he was being accused of beating up his ex. However, I wasn’t sure if it was just messy baby mama drama or if it was true, but according to TMZ it is infact real! Mayweather is charged with coercion, robbery and grand larceny, which are all felonies and with misdemeanors of battery and 3 counts of harrasment in regards to him assaulting his baby mama in Las Vegas on September 9th.

His baby mama, Josie Harris, claims he battered her, made threats and attempted to steal her phone during the vegas confrontation. Harris even claimed that Mayweather said he would “beat his kids (sons) asses”, that day, if they left the home or tried to contact the police. This threat is included in the charges.

According to the “Las Vegas Review Journal” this is what happened in detail:

Harris said Mayweather punched her in the head, pulled her hair and tried to break her arm after entering her home as she slept.

Harris said Mayweather “let himself in” to her home in the 3800 block of Tropical Vine Street at about 2 a.m. and began searching through her belongings.

After she confronted Mayweather, he accused her of dating another man, she wrote in the report.

“He would ‘have me and my guy friend taken care of,'” she said Mayweather told her.

If Mayweather is found guilty of these charges, he may end up enjoying some juicy man on man action in the state pen for up to 28 years. BUT PPL, LET’S GET REAL. HE’S A CELEBRITY……A TOP NOTCH BOXER…..COMMON NOW….THEY WON’T GIVE HIM THAT MUCH TIME, BUT IF THEY DID, HE WOULD PROB. END UP ONLY DOING A THIRD OF IT! But dayum Floyd…..innocent till proven guilty…..but 4 some reason I feel like there’s truth behind all this…..and I’m dissappointed in him. Another very established and successful individual f**king up….cough cough….T.I./ Lil’ Wayne!

p.s. this is the third time he has been charged for domestic violence, not just in regards to his ex. additionally, this is not the first time his ex has made a domestic violence claim, but later changed her story (maybe she’s scared?)…..so guess we’ll see what happens.

If you want to look @ the court documents check here!

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