Shaunie O’Neal is Really Feeling Her P.Y.T…..

Its no secret that, since Shaunie O’Neal’s recent separation from Shaq, she’s been getting it in with a P.Y.T. and model, named Marlon Yates. In a recent ,”Honey Magazine” interview, she discusses her new found enjoyment of dating and dishes advice on dating athletes ……check it out below:

So what’s going on with you now, are you dating? There is some speculation about you and new guy Marlon Yates. Is it true that you guys are dating?

That is true, that it’s true…

Do you like it? Are you having fun?

I’m having such a good time. It’s brand new! Everything about going out on dates, is so very new to me. My chances of dating are slim to none because I have five kids and they come first. But it’s so much fun. The “courting” thing, as my mother would call it, is a blast. I’m having a good time and just taking it slow. That’s what it’s all about. I’m not looking for a husband or anything too serious. Just looking to have fun.

She also gives advice on girls who aspire to date an athlete:

I don’t want to discourage anybody. That is not my intention, because you fall in love with whomever you fall in love with. Just get thick skin, because everyone will be in your business. And there are predators who are going to be after your man all of the time. You have to figure out your own way of dealing with it. That is something that each woman individually decides on her own. Some of us can put up with a lot more than others can. Or some of us can work through things that others can’t. It’s a “to each its own” type of thing. But, I wouldn’t discourage anyone like; “Oh girl he plays basketball don’t do it!” I would tell them to just be aware, and stay strong. If you love this man and that’s what you want then it’s worth fighting for.

My Take On Athletes: Yes many sexy footballer players and other athletes exist, but I personally don’t think its good to take most of them seriously or even mess with ’em……..because like Ludacris said best, “you can’t turn a h* into a housewife……cus h*s don’t act right (and I’m referring to male athletes in my case…..lol)…..I remember when I started college back in da day…….all the upper classmen girls were telling me to watch out for the athletes…..I’m not saying they’re all whores……but I feel like a pretty large percentage are……very few good men exist these days……point blank period.

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