Who’s Messin’ With Who in Who-ville…………

Whose currently messin’ with who you ask?:

Ms. London “bridge is falling down”

Well according to 107.9 fm and other sites, Lil’ Wayne’s ex/baby mama, Lauren London, has recently been wifed up by Dallas Cowboy player, Michael Hamlin. Couldn’t find much info on this, but it appears they’ve been dating for like 4 months. Sorry fellas, who are interested, yall took to long to holla, so someone else beat yall too it………unless you look like Wayne or Hamlin…..you prob wouldn’t have had a chance anyway. Maybe I should rephrase that……if u look better than Wayne or Hamlin…….u woulda never had a chance. Wayne use to kinda be cute way back in the day though……before he got all rough looking.


SO THERE’S A POSSIBLE OR MOST LIKELY “YES” LONDON’S DATING HAMLIN AND A H-E-DUB- HOCKEY STIX “NO”….LISA RAYE IS DATING OCHOCINCO’S SEXY SELF!!! How can she when I already put a “ring on it”……he’s with me. Naw but really……I’m still waiting for him to ask me out on a date. I’ll probably be waiting the rest of my life for that huh….. Anyway, they’re really not dating……Raye’s ppl have put a rest to this recent rumor by denying it. Lisa Raye’s publicist, Jevon Peake, had this to say about the rumors:

“Absolutely not! No LisaRaye isn’t dating him. He is seeing a woman here in Atlanta though.”

I better not find out they’re creepin’ on the down-low though. Butta the rumor never made sense in the first place……cus Lisa recently stated in an Essence interview that she likes powerful men and although Cinco is sexxxy…….he doesn’t hold a lot of power in society…….he’s just a regular a** fyne athletic chocolate rich dude…..who has the “power” to probably bench press 200 lbs. Societal power or not…..I’ll take him anyday! Ummm Prez. Obama……Lisa wanna holla atchu real quick!

And oh yah! Supposedly T.O.’s ex-gurl and supermodel, Jessica Whyte (I had too google her @ss cus I really dint know who she was) is dating Trey Songz. Dunno if this is true…..since he is supposedly “fruity in the booty” and was also recently spotted with an unknown chick last night, when he attended Monica’s album release party at Gold Room. Or maybe he’s just juggling more than one lady like a clown. If so play on playa.

Exhibit A: Trey Day with unknow chick
Exhibit B: Trey Day with Jessica White


Last but not least:

the proof is in the pudding…..Brandy was snapped laughing with her new boo-ski, Flo Rida, this past weekend in Miami while chillaxin at a charity event.

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