Where Dey Do Dat @?: Krazy @ss Videos


Alrite, been gone for minute, but now i’m back jack! Well they’re two Krazy videos I’ve seen recently……………Apparently Mrs. Kiely Ki of the throw back group “3lw” is all grown up and tryna make a musical comeback. She’s been working on new music since last year and finally released a low-budget music video for one of her singles called, “Spectacular.” Check it out below:

My Video Analyzation: 1st of all this video is extra wack……she looks like a hooker walking down the street at the beginning and the end of the video. I don’t know if that’s what she was aiming for…..but even if it wasn’t that’s what she got. Ummm…..2nd of all the lip synching in this video is out of synch…..wtf…….how hard is it to lip synch to your own dayum song?!? 3rd of all….why was it necessary to see the bare backside of her unattractive lead male in the video?….that was some xtra ish for no reason……if it was someone fine like Ochocinco I wouldn’t mind……but like he would really appear in one of her videos anyway…..yah rite (he prob don’t even know who she is)! Last of all, the song wasn’t too horrible……but overall its not my style……and I definitely wouldn’t bang that single in anything I own…..not my car…..not my ipod…..nada….. I value my hearing. Kiely…..gurl…..u gone have to do a lot better than this if you’re serious about making a come back…..or it’s not hannanin!!! Instead of spending so much time getting “your track pulled out, while he’s blowing your back out” you need to be working on some hot music. “Spectacular” sex is not gonna pay the bills and help ur career, unless you plan on becoming a prostitute or escort boo!

Speaking of KraZy a** videos……I also think Erykah Badu’s, “Window Seat”, video is out of this world. I originally didn’t want to write about her new single or video because I didn’t care about all the hype surrounding it……….but I finally watched the video yesterday and that ish is literally KraZy……2 main things that crossed my mind, as I watched the video wide-eyed with my mouf open in shock, was dayum…..1.) she gotta lot of balls to be walking down the streets of downtown Dallas, Tx stripping in broad daylight (and I was hoping she wouldn’t strip down as she passed those mothers with their kids in the video) and 2.) GOT DAYUM I didn’t know she was that thick……I’m so used to her hiding what she got under all those afrocentric long flowing gowns and wraps. Anyway, the only thing I liked about the video was that it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was gonna happen next and what she was gonna do next. Other than that……I normally like Badu’s music……..but this new single didn’t really do it for me either. U can check out her video below if you haven’t seen it yet or just feel like watching her strip again! (sorry best I could do is the clips from CBS’s newscast….since Universal has blocked the video…..you can also go to

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