Eve “Got Her Mind on Her Money………………..

………………and her money on her mind!” During a recent Vibe Magazine interview, the “pitbull in a skirt” was asked if Nicki Minaj’s recent success or popularity makes her feel insecure or intimidated………….she responded by saying all this:

“Trust me, no one’s competition for me and that sounds cocky but I seriously live in such an Eve world. And not in a crazy-everything-is-me-bubble, it’s just that I’m building an empire. I go on Twitter and people say ‘Yo, knock Nicki Minaj out of the box, but ultimately we’re all helping each other and I’m happy seeing these chicks in the game. It’s too much testosterone. When I see another female, my immediate reaction is not ‘Oh, I gotta go and get my shit right.’ I got 900 other things going on. I can’t keep worrying about what’s coming up behind me.”

“I am a fan of the fact that she’s a female MC in the game. I gotta be honest, I don’t really know many of her records. I’ve seen a few things, honestly I don’t [remember them] and I’m being really real. I don’t really know her that well,” she tells VIBE. “When she was on [the “My Chick Bad” music video] set, she was nice as shit. To me, if her music was dope and she would’ve been an asshole than I wouldn’t have been a fan. I’m more a fan of hers as a person.”

“She definitely is a quirky chick. That’s a good word for her.”

p.s. Eve aint never lied about have 900 other things going on……..that’s why we ain’t seen her behind in like 20 yrs. Keep grindin……and gettn’ that paper Eve! I’m glad you focused man. You know…..it would be interesting to see a collaboration between the two……it might be hott…..especially if Minaj actually spits some real ish and raps in a normal tone!

Oh and since we’re on Nicki Minaj……Ms. Naj recently confirmed, via Twitter, that every U.S. state will experience an INFERNO this summer because she will be embarking on a North American tour with Rihanna and Kesha.

That’s going to be an interesting combination of acts, especially with both artists, Kesha and Nicki Minaj, having exterrestrial like personalities…..those chicks definitely aren’t from this planet……I don’t care what anybody says! Sounds like its gonna be fiyah though!
Check out Rihanna’s video announcement below:

Dates and cities can be found

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