Beyonce is Kickin’ It Xtra Hard!

Well well, it appears Mrs. “Busy Bey” wasn’t joking about her 6 months hiatus. She was recently offered a leading role in the remake of an old school movie (1937) entitled “A Star is Born”, but she declined the tempting offer because she obviously just came off a tiresome world tour and the dates for filming wouldn’t work with her schedule or time off, especially since she would need to start filming immediately so the remake could be released sometime this summer.This is what the films producer, Basil Iwanyk , had to say about the offer:

“We wanted Beyonce, she wanted to do it, but it was hard to figure out her dates and her deal. She just came off of a huge world tour and Warners wants to have the movie for next summer, and so we just couldn’t work out.”

She is not playing about that vacay!…..but I can dig dat……cus I know when I’ve been working non-stop and finally get that much needed time off I don’t wanna do a dayum thang…….but kick back and spend free time going out to explore like Dora. I hear u “Bey,” Keep chillaxin partna.

P.s. I’m a lil’ suprised she was offered a part though……cus honestly…..I know she got the r & b game on lock…….but her acting chops ain’ really there. But whatever……I guess they know ppl will come see the movie just cus she in it……that’s what modern marketing is all about baby!

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