More Kat Stacks (On Deck) Drama!

someone also leaked her mug shot……hmmm….wonder who?

Alrite Kat Stacks is officially trippin’. If yall don’t know who she is…..click back a couple of pages if you care to know……..anyway this chick recently leaked the phone numbers of the celebrities she’s blogged about on her site, because apparently one of them (or heck maybe of all them got together and) came up with the idea to call child protective services against her as retaliation for her negatively exposing them on her site. Consequently, her Twitter account has been suspended. This chick is trippin…….how you gonna victimize everybody………when you don’t know exactly who did dat sh*t to you. Now everyone from Bow Wow to wack azz Jae Millz have to get new numbers. Aw well. It is what it is. Fellaz need to know not to f*ck with females these days…..cus they don’t play……..but she needs to calm down too…….cus a lot of rappers be on some other sh*t too. All this back and forth might get dangerous. Ppl do bad things over stupid issues these days. Anyway, check out her Tweets on the issue…..

Video of her giving out the numbers (i hate listening to her talk…..she talks like she has brain damage or something…..maybe she use to snort a lot of coke or something……either way her voice makes my ears bleed profusely)

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