So at first I just thought Maino was wack, but I just found out he’s stupid as well. He recently (basically called) video model, Rosa Acosta, a “cheap skate” because she had on what he referred to as a “cheap pair” of shoes when he recently ran into her. This is some of what he said about her on a radio show:

“I looked at her “boom” she’s cute but she had cheap shoes. Someone asked me would I ever try to talk to her and I said, “No disrespect but [that ain’t] my type. Look at your shoes. Look at your bag. I don’t even f*ck women like you.” Imagine I pull up somewhere and you got Jay-z, you got Diddy and n*ggas about their business. I pull up in my bentley and jump out, and this b*tch got on her cheap azz shoes. I don’t want you, if I can’t sport you.”

Acosta retaliated by saying:

“First of all he said I’m cheap. That I wear cheap shoes. There is a difference between simple and cheap. I will not wear something that is fake so I will wear whatever I can afford. If I can just afford Forever 21 shoes, then that’s what I am going to buy. And anyway, I wasn’t aware that they gave you lessons about women’s shoes in prison.

Next thing is, why are you so sensitive? Just because I stored your number as Don’t answer and I never call you doesn’t mean that I don’t pray for you. God bless you Maino. Then if you have to talk about me in an interview just to be on blogs instead of your projects and your actual music…You suck!

If you are gonna hate, hate right. Everytime you talk about me, you plug RosaAcosta.com, I need those views.

I am still the same girl that came from the Dominican Republic. My family has never been rich. I’m still not rich. Why would I go and buy a $2000 pair of shoes that I can’t afford when I can actually help my family that’s still living in DR, or I can save my money or I could spend money on my education. What is wrong with buying something that’s inexpensive”

Okay…..um I just think it’s funny Maino thinks he’s A SOMEBODY……… I can’t even remember a hit song he had. Anyway, I just couldn’t believe he had the nerve to talk badly about her style or what she wears when he know he broke….but is still out here perpetrating by flossing and spending money like he got it. PPl like him are what’s wrong with modern hip hop culture and the world. Believe me Maino, Diddy and Jay don’t care about you and probably wouldn’t recognize ur lame behind on the street. And don’t be mad cus u tried to holler at her once upon a time and she blew you off boo…….its okay……just understand that you and your non-existant career aren’t all that…….that’s why no one wants you. I’m glad dis chick has enough sense to spend the little money she has on important things, not on materialistic sh*t. Now u kno this world is truly coming to an end when someone won’t holla atchu cus ur shoes are supposedly cheap…….I think we’re to shallow these days…..And Maino since you felt that way about her shoes, but still thought she was cute…… why didn’t you take her shoe shopping with your SUPPOSED millions and “UPGRADE” her lame?……..I know why….cus ur broke and she wouldn’t give u the time of day anyway.

p.s. I don’t understand why some dudes get mad and wanna start talking trash about females when they holla and they reject them. Get a life and upgrade your self-esteem cus it’s not that serious. There’s plenty of Tilipia in the sea (or lake) that will holla back atcha…..unless ur name is Maino.

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