Wow-zers! Run’s son “Diggy Simmons” Signs A Recording Deal!

Well great-googly-moogly….it appears Reverend Run, previously of RUN DMC, has a 15-yr-old son, named Diggy Simmons, that recently signed a major recording deal with Atlantinc Records two days ago. Yal probably remember Diggy from the MTV reality show (whoosse house) “Run’s House” that aired like last yr?……alrite yal I’m going to stop tawkn crazy. But honestly I’m not suprised he got signed because I’ve heard one of the orignal mix-tape songs he’s dropped and that track was MADD HOTT……or better yet BAD (for the slang challenged individuals….that means good)! He’s defnitiely following in his father’s footsteps. I know his older brother Jo-Jo Simmons is happy for him but at the same time he’s probably annoyed because he’s been shopping for a record deal for his rap group ,”Team Blackout”, for a good minute and only got signed to an indie record label. On the other hand, his teenage baby brother drops 3 mixtape songs in like a month and he gets a MAJOR record deal. OOUCH! But honestly Jo-Jo’s talented, but not as talented as Diggy. Never even knew this little boy rapped till I heard one of his songs posted on another blog. Anyway check out 2 of his singles below.

Diggy: “Made You Look” Freestyle

Diggy: “Make You Mine”

JOJO: “Grindin” Freestyle

Team Blackout Freestyle:

Now that yall heard both brothers rap….if yall actually took time to listen…..yall kno who flos better and is gonna get that cheddar! Lil’ man’s a beast on the mic.

p.s. what makes him unique is that he doesn’t curse in his music…..he only uses the word “nigga” which some ppl would be offended by. I’m suprised his Dad wus cool wit dat…..but guess he feels it’s a major part of modern hip hop….so why not?

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