Matthew Knowles: “You Are The Father!”

(unlike this picture…”he is the baby daddy”…..i just liked this so i posted it)

I know wut ur thinking…..BUT No I didn’t hear this news from the Maury Povich show (which is very infamous for paternity test)……..but Matthew Knowles a.k.a. Beyonce’s a** hole father, has been proven to be the father of a baby boy, named Nixon, that was born to him and his x-mistress a couple of months back. This infidelity issue is actually also what caused Bee’s mother to file divorce a few months back…..minus him being a jerk! There you have it folks……..did I make or break your day! Deuces!

OOH OOH OOH….MY BAD I ACTUALLY HAVE MORE FOR YAL (jus cus I luv yall oh so much!):
Matthew Knowles has been ordered to pay $8,000/ mnth in child support to his x-mistress, Alexsandra Wright, who he had an 18 month affair with. I have a feelin hes gonna skip sum payments like Nas and end up behind bars as well? or maybe not becus that’s kinda of a cheap child support order for all the money he’s supposed to have made off his daughter and kept from the original DC members, LeToya and LaTavia. Any-who none of the Knowles, as in Bee and her fam, have commented on the issue and I highly doubt that they will.

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