free at last! free at last! Thank……

(love don’t live here anymore!)

…….Gawd allmitey he’s free at last! No guys I’m not talking about some dude gettin released from the state pen after doing MADD time! Well….actually you could call it that……..Reggie Bush is so FYNE……i mean has FYNE-ally been freed from the Kim Kardashian State Penitentiary where he’s served….what like 4 yrs (forget it….I refuse to look up the xact date)? So anyway now me and Bush can officially get married! Yip-pee! I’m playing yall……I stopPD crushin’ on this dude a long a** time ago. But good news for the ladies and gentlemen that are crushin’ on this “hunk of burning love”……..is again that he’s officially a free man….which is how he was technically behaving when they were still dating…….cus even though he lukz ummm ummm good…..he’s still oh so trifling. Bush has been linked to many females…..and supposedly wen he late nite creeps and Kim blows up his homeboys’ phones lookin’ for this dude cus she can’t reach him…….his boys always got his back and never fail to come up with some great excuses for him. Don’t you just luv men…..birds of a feather flock together……they always got each others backs. Now why can’t females act like this with their homegurlz instead of kat fightn all the time. Dudes have each others backs in any situation…….even trifling situations (how sad). Anyway, this break up is said to be permanent this time. And supposedly while newly freed Bush is mingling with his dingli??(fill in the blank), like almsot every dude these days……ummmm Kim isn’t crying over spilt milk. She SUPPOSEDLY is now dating some rich professional soccer player name Wayne Bridge. Nope he’s not chocolate either……she’s finally trying that vanilla shake out! And thaz all folkz. Good Nite! I’m gonna go do my Reggie’s free dance now!

“Hit ’em wit that flex!” Reggie

Kim’s new man (umm he ain got nothin’ on Reggie’s fine-ness……but Reggie’s da cutest she’s ever dated anyway…..dun think she’s shallow…..well atleast looks-wise)

p.s. the break up was allegedly spurred by the fact that Kim travels a lot and Bush wants to stay out of the spotlight……which Kim can’t do…..being that she has a reality tv show.

UPDATE: Apparently, last night Bush’s younger brother confirmed the break-up on Twitter when he was responding to Miami Heat player Lance Hurdle’s question about the situation. But just as fast he he tweeted a response, he just as quickly deleted it.

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