Ex-NBA Player Discusses His Sex Addiction

Former University of Kentucky and Cleveland Cavaliers NBA player (1989-1992), Winston Bennet, recently discussed his past sex addiction and how SLEEPING WITH 90 WOMEN A MONTH affected his career and personal life (that means that he slept with 1,080 women a year……which is UTTERLY REPULSIVE!!!!) Supposedly he hasn’t acted on his addiction in 3 years, but when he was acting on impulse he brought his wifey home some sexually transmitted gifts twice (i don’t believe this….it had to be more than twice because they’ve been married 20 years and his been whore-ing with that many chicks for about 20 years…..). My thing is…..if you knew u had this serious of a problem why wait till like 3 years ago to face it and get help for your addiction? He’s lucky he didn’t catch HIV/AIDS because over the past 20 yrs he’s been with a total of atleast 21,600 different women. And his wife’s crazy self stayed with this man. I mean she put her foot down eventually and said “enough is enough”…..but she did it kinda late. Shid I probably would have left if not the 1st time…….definitely the second time…..cus marriage these days is not “until death do you part (particularly because these days ppl don’t respect vows).”

And you know what part of the interview annoys me the most? It’s when he states that if she ever slipped up and cheated on him (even just 1 time) he would leave her because there’s plenty of fish in the sea. WHEN HE SAID THAT I WAS LIKE WTF……….HOW DARE U…….U’VE CHEATED ON HER WITH ABOUT 20,000 WOMEN OVER THE PAST TWENTY YEARS AND SHE FORGAVE U AND STAYED WITH U AND U GOT THE NERVE TO SAY DAT………IN MY OPINION HE HAS BAD CHARACTER FOR SAYING THAT. IF I WAS HIS WIFE I WOULDA WENT IN ON HIS @**. I don’t understand why certain situations like this are always a double standard for men. If they do ish its okay, but if you do it it’s a problem. Anyway I’m going to stop ranting and raving. Check out the interview with “Outside The Line’s” Kelly Naqui below .

When I first heard about this…..I was like this sound like 60% of men out here (alright I’m exaggerating)………n I’m going to be un-bias and say some women behave like this as well……..but still think men are worse about it.

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