Yung Berg Has A Sex Tape?

“ssshhhhh Jenna……gurl why’d u tell every1 i got pistol whipped? thought u had my back gurl. Das f**d up.”

Jenna Shea

So apparently I just found out that the very un-popular Yung Berg has a so called “sex tape” out. My only issue with this “sex tape” is that there was no sex involved. Therefore realistically this ish is not a “sex tape!” Any-who, the video was released by (supposedly Young Jeezy’s current video-hoe girlfriend and Berg’s ex-girlfriend) Jenna Shea. She reminds me of a white version of “Buffy the Body” with a slightly smaller boo-tay or Ice T’s big booty, vanilla wifey, Coco. It’s kinda scarey. Besides having black in her every night she obviously has some black somewhere in her blood line to have a booty that big. Ummm……anyway apparently Jenna is mad that she and some other girls, that were recently featured in one of Berg’s music videos, weren’t paid for their work. So i guess I understand her being upset. But leaking a tape of them doing basically nothing isn’t going to hurt his image……..heck even if she leaked a video of them actually doing something that wouldn’t hurt or benefit him either becus he’s wack. An explicit video leak definitely wouldn’t help his lame a** become the next Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Na mean! But yall can check out the video and Jenna’s tweets concerning the situation below……..maybe there’s a longer or full version of the video that I over-looked?

And the award for most hated rapper in the industry goes to………………(DRUM ROLL PLEASE)………………………..Yung Berg (a.k.a Mr. “I hate dark-butts”). Congradulations boo! Yung Burger……like I said…….karma is a biotch baby!

Let’s list what’s happened to him in the past year…….robbed twice, stolen chain flossed by Souljah Boy publicly, slapped by random man and rapper Maino on the way to the groccerry store………publicly insulted by ex-video hoe girlfriend……..what next Yung Burger? Wow so sad……too much drama for me.

UPDATE: Just learned that supposedly the reason why the sex-tape involves no sex is because this is a preview? dunno if and when a real one may come out. Stay tuned for info if u care.

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