Keisha Cole’s Sisters Explain Why She Cut Them Off

In a recent interview with V103 Ryan Cameron’s radio show…. Keisha Cole’s sisters, Neffe and Elite, explained why Keisha no longer communicates with her fam…..

Neffe: You could never cut your blood loose no matter what you are doing on this earth. It runs through our veins. I’m gonna keep it 100. My sister decided to live a different life. It’s not because “oh we ghetto, we belligerent and loud”. We are all cut from the same cloth. [We all came from Frankie] If you see us, we out there, it’s just that Keyshia keeps hers behind closed doors.

Elite: When I read it I was shocked. It was hurtful too. I had just come off of tour with Keyshia. We had 3 or 4 tours, I worked for my sister, I was her assistant for 8 months so I worked. I was shocked [by the statement]. Last time we spoke to her we didn’t think it was going to be a public permanent thing. When we last spoke to my sister, we had a family dinner to discuss some family matters and she was a little upset about the whole Frankie and Neffe Show.

Neffe: She is upset about it. She did not embrace the fact that “The Way It Is” was done and they had picked up “Frankie and Neffe”. We didn’t ask for that. We didn’t go to her and say “Sister Sister please can you give us a show. Can you give us a shot. Can we be stars”. We never asked Keyshia to do anything for us. She brought us down here to make our lives better but it didn’t get better, it got worse”.

Neffe claims that Keisha’s show wasn’t paying them enough:

For the record, I love my sister but you have to understand this is real life this is not a game. She’s a beautiful person. The “Way It Is” didn’t cut us no checks. We didn’t start seeing no money until the Frankie and Neffe show.

Keisha will be back she just need time away from all the ghetto-ness and drama of her family. These ppl fight everyday over everything. I doubt she’s bitter about the show. She probably just wants some space. U don’t need to be around drama all the time when you’re pregnant and after uve recently had a baby. All that fighting probably would have resulted in a miscarriage if she didn’t run for the hills as early as she did.

p.s. “The Frankie and Neffe” show will return for a second season.

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