Chilli Get’s Her Own Reality Show……..The World’s Truly Ending!!!!

Gawd Why?!?! Another freakin’ celebrity is getting a reality show. Honestly when reality tv first started blowing up I liked it cus it was different, but now a days I can flip through every got dang cable, digital, satellite and basic channel and see a reality tv show. This sh*t is just gettin’ out of hand. There’s never anything to watch on t.v. anymore. Anyway, TLC’s Chilli has a reality show coming out soon (called “What Chilli Wants”) and it’s basically about her looking for love, but she’s having a hard time finding it cus she’s so dang picky. Um Chilli…….you ain that picky if you were dating Usher at one point in time! Anyway check out the clip below……………………..

The show reminds me a little of Peppa’s show “Let’s Talk About Pep” since it has to do with her going on dates with countless guys and discussing it with her ppl. Anywho I can understand her being picky becus remember a couple years back, her and her homegurls told us that they didn’t wan’t “no scrubs.” Heck that’s why I’m so picky. But she really gotta tweak that long ass list of qualifications she wants in a guy because no one is perfect…….even though life would be better if everyone was.

The shows going to premiere sometime this month on VH1 (the f**n home of reality t.v.) so check it out if you feel like killin yourself with one more reality t.v. show.

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