1 Hit Wonder: Khia Responds to Trina’s Leaked Photos

Instead of focusing on her rap lyrics and trying to make a good come back since she’s been unsuccessfully trying to for the past couple of years, hood rat Khia, had some choice words for Trina concerning her recent leaked photos. This is what Ms. “My Neck & My Back ( & My Crack) tweeted with her crusty little fingers………………

Trina and Khia been beefing since like ’06. They had a couple of diss records back in the day and in 2006 Khia told Miami New Times: “For a lot of artists, music isn’t really their life. It isn’t really their dream. I mean, Trick got Trina out of Club Rollex. She was a dancer. It went from low-price tricking to high-price tricking…. This is what a man wants you to say, that they skeet down your throat, and these [rappers] just read it off a piece of paper like that’s cool. So men are just looking at you, and they wanna fuck. They’re not respecting you as an artist. And your female fans don’t wanna hear that. You come onstage dancing with girls and y’all kissing. We don’t wanna see that!”

I’m guessing this is why Khia hates Trina…….CUS SHE SUCCESSFUL EVEN THOUGH SHE AINT REAL???…………..if I’m wrong sh*t someone fill me in. Butta Khia needs to clean out her mouf with some bleach and pine-sol. She doing way too much. I think what it is, is that on the low low Khia probably got a crush on Trina…… because she been running her mouf ’bout the chick almost everyday for 4 years now. Get a life! Ppl too worried about other ppl these days when they need to be worried about themselves and accomplishing personal goals and gettin’ that money.

p.s. My favorite part of her tweeting was when Khia said she retired from the hip hop game. Now she know her a** got kicked out the game. She need to stop lying to herself cus “de-nile” is a river in Egypt. Yessir. And I truly doubt her va-jay-jay is any fresher or cleaner than Trina’s.

Check out the video of Trina pissed off 2 months ago, cus they let Khia perform before her @ a concert.

2 Responses to “1 Hit Wonder: Khia Responds to Trina’s Leaked Photos”

  1. 1 Solo
    April 1, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Damn I just listened to this shit and okay Khia u couldnt get an original track! What! I just dont understand why we cant just get along and let everybody get paid. Personally I think Trina has a bit mo class…..

    But let em do what they do…..lol

    SoLo from HTown—–nah come at me if you wanna..biatch
    .cuz I aint neva been a strippa just a cold mouth flippa got class you neva heard of so hold up my lil nigca get yo dictionary out cuz you wont find no dirt about me I aint from the strip club scene im a gangsta from the street you cant relate to me so bring it wit some forealla straight from the dome come get this beat down Khia then carry yo ugly ass home…..damn im good and I ought be a rapper!!!!!!

  2. 2 shakera davis
    January 24, 2012 at 11:11 am

    wow i love khia she be going on fr fr i love trina too but khia go hard & she real af she dont hold nun baqqk i love you khiiaa !

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