Trina Leaks Nude Picz………..

So Trina’s going for an Emmy and trying to win the “best new actress” award by trying to front like she didn’t leak her own photos and like she’s actually upset about it. Trina claims she lost her phone when she performed at “Rip The Runway” this past weekend. She was recently interviewed by “STR8 NYC” about how she would feel if the photos were ever leaked.

“And I’m thinking, if it ever comes out, I’m devastated, but I mean, it’s not sex tape pictures but still, I don’t want you to see them, they’re not for you. But losing a phone and all this stuff happens — but it’s a wake up call…I just feel like, what’s personal is personal.

Trina claim’s that this is not a publicity stunt (YAH RIGHT).

“I don’t feel like, as an artist, like I need to do anything to expose myself. I don’t need to put out a nude photo for press…I don’t need a sex tape of me and my, my significant other to be worldwide, for the world to see.”

I don’t know. Trina is no longer dating Kenyon Martin, who was her “money train” (buying her those ugly a**, expensive lace-front wigs and luxurious clothes and handbags), so supposedly she is now broke as a joke with not a lot of “money to blow.” So I’m thinking she strategically leaked the photos or purposefully lost her phone @ the fashion show in order to ensure that she creates some lame buzz around her upcoming album being released June 8th. Come on now…..she wanna make sure she sell enough records so she can be the “independent” chick she claim’s she is in almost every song she rap about.

Supposedly she’s reported the incident to the FBI and they’re launching an investigation. We’ll see, but I honestly don’t believe this actress and don’t believe she’ll be winning an Emmy anytime soon either. At this point in time, these celebrity photo and video leaks are happening so often that I truly believe they’re all doing it for publicity. Trina if you “SUPPOSEDLY” didn’t want your photos or video leaked you should have learned from everyone else’s situation and never created any in the first place. So Trina can cry herself a river and then build a dayum bridge and get da f**k over it! Liar.

p.s. Trina didn’t even do a good job of leaking ’em. Cus I can’t find ’em no where on the web.

Trina Responds (audio):

1 Response to “Trina Leaks Nude Picz………..”

  1. 1 Solo
    April 1, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Dont worry baby we aint seen no photos cant find no photos and besides you sexy as hell anyway. For the record I aint lesbonish or none of that Im strictly dickly but I am a fan of Trina’s and who cares. I know it bothers you Trina but you are usually showing off your hot ass body anyway “cuz U can” and its cool. It wont hurt nothing at all. Just hope if the kitty was showing it was shaved well…smile and lol MS TRINA stay true and be U. f— WHAT THEY SAY or what they do…..I also want to know who the hell is this Khia chic never heard of her so F— her too.

    Ms SoLo from HTown

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