Plies Gettin’ Sued Over ’06 Club Fite

Alrite this story is really kind of STOOPID 2 ME! But back in 2006 Plies and his ppl were involved in a nite club shooting in Gainesville, Florida. Plies didn’t fire any weapons, but a member of his clique did after a fight ocurred with another rapper. Plies was arrested after weapons were found in his car, but he didn’t do time because he pled “no contest” and got lucky. However his brother, Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte, ended up serving three years for illegal possession of concealed weapons (even though he pled “no contest” as well).

OKAY SO THIS IS WHERE THE SITUATION GETS STOOPID DUMB! The victims have currently filed a suit against Plies, because they state that ever since the incident ocurred Plies has brought even more street credibility or authenticity to the gangsta rap profession AND HIMSELF by constantly referencing the shooting in many of his songs. Consequently he’s been raking in madd money. I’M JUST LIKE WTF. Why does it matter if he references the situation? That’s real life. He didn’t shoot your ass (so he don’t owe you a dayum thang). I don’t know…. I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong unless he’s glorifying the negative situation by saying ish like “yah I popped a cap in your a** at the club cus you deserved it or popping caps in a**s is what I like to do for fun when I’m bored.” Ricky Ross needs to take some notes from Plies about writing real sh*t (even though I still think his music is hot). Anyway I doubt these ppl are going to get paid because I don’t remember keeping it real ever being a crime. WOW WUT PPL WILL DO DURING A RECESSION!

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