I’ve Been Living Under a Rock: Wayne Raped @ 11

Ummmmm………….I know I’m real late cus ppl were talking about this ish in ’09……..guess I was living under a rock or on another planet then because I don’t understand how I missed hearing about Wayne getting raped when he was 11. But if I missed this story (even though I normally hear everything about Wayne) I’m sure other ppl missed this sh*t too. “So wut had happened wus” that when Wayne was 11 Baby got him a prostitute or some average nasty grown woman h* to perform oral sex on him in a room in front of all the rappers of Cash Money (whom were all grown men at the time). Um that sh*t is trifling. At age 11 you supposed to be outside playing with your friends or doing other productive and child like ish…..not getting dome from a grown ass woman! WTF. Baby’s nasty ass is real susupect too. Why would grown men wanna watch a child get dome……what type of sick twisted sh*t is that. That’s live child pornagraphy. Anyway, of course Wayne didn’t mind gettin’ raped at age 11. This is what he had to say about that fateful day.

“I got raped when I was eleven, Twist. I loved it….I ain’t never pressed charges. I’mma do you like Baby and them did me…”

I’m sure Twist went out and lost his virginity the next day cus u know how dat peer pressure thing go!

p.s. Baby is a great father figure. Not only does he kiss Wayne on the lips, but he had him doing coke and and getting raped at age 11 (in front of his posse). I wish my father had been that good to me growing up.

1 Response to “I’ve Been Living Under a Rock: Wayne Raped @ 11”

  1. March 4, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    15 years-old . . . 11-years-old…now what was I doing at that age….

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