Soulja Boy Flossing Yung Berg’s Ugly Stolen Bling!

So um………a member of Soulja Boy’s wack SOB Money Gang, Jbar, apparently bought Yung Berg’s chain from who ever probably stole it, because he said the click didn’t see the point of letting that sh*t float around anymore when they could just buy it and hold it for Berg if he ever decided he wanted that tacky piece of bling back. However, the fact that Soulja Boy took a picture of himself wearing the dude’s chain and posted it on the internet seems a little disrespectful and like there’s a possible beef between ice “Berg” lettuce and that little “Boy.” However, Jbar also claims that there’s no beef.

EXCUSE ME (MY PERSPECTIVE): My thing is if there’s no beef and your holding the chain, why not just call Berg and let him know you got his ish instead of posting a grimey photo on the internet. Anyway both these rappers are lame………..and Soulja Boy, as well as Berg, are “wankstas (fake gangstas).” So I can’t see anything serious developing out of this. Atleast no Rick Ross/ 50 cent type drama. Any-who…..check Jbar’s statement below.

From Jbar’s SOHH Magazine interview:
“We ain’t got no problems with Yung Berg,” Bar told SOHH. “We had got the chain up off of somebody else who had the chain. So we were just holding that sh*t. We just got it from somebody who had it so we were like, ‘Ah sh*t!,’ we didn’t want that sh*t floating around no more so we just holding on to it until he trying to get it back. Yeah [I know what it looks like,] I know people looked at it the wrong way but people were probably thinking ‘They weren’t thinking when posting them pictures’ but it wasn’t nothing like that though. We ain’t robbed that dude or nothing. Right, no beef no beef.” -JBar

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